Architecture, meet Tree Climbing.

We have been designing and building treehouses and small spaces for nearly a decade.

The Founder

Will Beilharz

Will Beilharz has over a decade of professional experience building in the trees and a lifetime’s experience of living in them. He specializes in green architecture, aerial construction, and unique designs. He incorporates his passion for sustainability and regeneration into all aspects of his life, building enchanting structures that enrich the lives of those who use them. Will has received awards fromInternational Interior Design Association (IIDA) and American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and his company won the Hospitality Design 2016 awards for Best in Show, Best in Sustainability, and Best in Lifestyle.

The Lead Builder

Jeff Buss

Jeff Buss, our Lead Builder, has been a crucial part of Artistree Home since 2014. As a highly skilled craftsman with an engineer’s mind, Jeff plays an integral part in project planning and implementation. With extensive knowledge in custom home building and an academic background in structural engineering, Jeff merges elaborate designs with a grounded methodology to build beautiful and sustainable structures that last. He is hands-on from start to finish, from the initial drawings to installing the finishing touches. “My passion for building lies in the details of every piece that I create and install,” Jeff iterates. “I love building something that will not only look great new but also has the longevity and strength to look great for many years to come.”

The Lead Climber

Forest Croft

Our Lead Climber, Forest Croft, joined Artistree Home in early 2014. When we begin a new project, Forest is the first one up the tree and the last one down from it. His superior climbing skills and risk-assessment planning make him the perfect fit for climbing even mighty redwood trees. He draws from a background in film sets, carpentry shops, and serving as a guide in “nature immersion” camps. As the Project Coordinator for El Ranchito’s Conservation Corps, Forest organized, managed, and trained over 100 people on trail maintenance, operations, and invasive species removal throughout 500 acres of land. The natural classroom, in its many forms, has ingrained in Forest an appreciation for diversity and a keen desire to connect people with wild spaces. Forest is a valuable member of the ArtisTree team and his passion and respect for the outdoors shine through in his everyday work.

The swiss Army Knife

Ben Newman

Ben is all about creating intensely local offerings when it comes to spaces, furnishings, and design. After growing up in Wisconsin with a family of artists, he has lived in 7 different countries to date. This diverse background of living environments and available resources influenced Ben to be the maker he is today. Ben spent his late 20’s and early 30’s building life-skill centers and eco-villages in remote parts around the world. After this transformative 15-year period of his life, he learned to primarily use only available materials when creating harmonious commercial and living spaces. His first project with Artistree Home was the Nest in 2014. From furniture design and retail spaces to warehouse revivals and eco-villages, Ben brings his passion for culture, community, and presence into every project.

The conceptual artist

Lindsey Hughes

Lindsey, our Concept Artist and Minnesota native, has been passionately weaving her roots into Northern California with her free spirit, love for the trees, and fervor for adventure. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethel University (St. Paul, MN), she thrives through creative expression, vocal and instrumental music, laughter and deep conversation, climbing Redwoods, and, of course…drawing treehouses. Since 2018, Lindsey has partnered with the Artistree design team to imagineer ideas, nurture whimsy and the inner-child, and bring designs to life. Just putting pen to paper can make the wildest dreams possible.

The holistic Designer

Alexander Vincent

Alexander Vincent is an inspiring, recent addition to Artistree’s design team. Alexander contributes immeasurably with his diverse background which spans permaculture, architecture, landscape, graphic design, and marketing. He approaches each project from a holistic perspective, improving our team’s capacity to make your vision into reality. He passionately believes in Design as a tool for both empowerment and healing—healing of the individual, of the collective, and of the world. Alexander prides himself on creating regenerative, life-sustaining and beautiful designs that weave the built
environment into the natural landscape. In addition to being a designer and obtaining a B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Alexander has served on the board of Quail
Springs Permaculture Farm and Education Center and co-taught many permaculture design courses.

The CAD queen

Mandy Chenevert

Born and raised in Louisiana, Mandy Chenevert has worked on a variety of commercial projects for over ten years. She graduated from LSU with a degree in Architecture and a minor in Construction Management. For three years, Mandy specialized in medical offices in Phoenix, Arizona. Her software skills include AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, and Auto-Plant. With a focus on 3D-modeling, Mandy has enjoyed teaching AutoCAD for architectural, civil, structural, and engineering drafting at Technical and Community Colleges. Mandy has now expanded her portfolio to include multi and single-family homes and treehouses. When not at the office, she enjoys travel, dancing, music festivals, skating, and the outdoors.