Architecture, meet Tree Climbing.

We have been designing and building treehouses and small spaces since 2012.


Will Beilharz

Will Beilharz has over a decade of professional experience building in the trees and a lifetime’s experience of living in them. He specializes in green architecture, aerial construction, and unique designs. He incorporates his passion for sustainability and regeneration into all aspects of his life, building enchanting structures that enrich the lives of those who use them. Will has received awards from International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and his company won the Hospitality Design 2016 awards for Best in Show, Best in Sustainability, and Best in Lifestyle.

Head of Construction

Jeff Buss

Jeff Buss has been a crucial part of Artistree Home since 2014. As a highly skilled craftsman with an engineer’s mind, Jeff plays an integral part in project planning and implementation. With extensive knowledge in custom home building and an academic background in structural engineering, Jeff merges elaborate designs with a grounded methodology to build beautiful and sustainable structures that last. He is hands-on from start to finish, from the initial drawings to installing the finishing touches. “My passion for building lies in the details of every piece that I create and install,” Jeff iterates. “I love building something that will not only look great new but also has the longevity and strength to look great for many years to come.”


Forest Croft

Forest Croft joined Artistree Home in early 2014. When we begin a new project, Forest is the first one up the tree and the last one down from it. His superior climbing skills and risk-assessment planning make him the perfect fit for climbing even mighty redwood trees. He draws from a background in film sets, carpentry shops, and serving as a guide in “nature immersion” camps. As the Project Coordinator for El Ranchito’s Conservation Corps, Forest organized, managed, and trained over 100 people on trail maintenance, operations, and invasive species removal throughout 500 acres of land. The natural classroom, in its many forms, has ingrained in Forest an appreciation for diversity and a keen desire to connect people with wild spaces. Forest is a valuable member of the ArtisTree team and his passion and respect for the outdoors shine through in his everyday work.

Head of Design

Alexander Vincent

Alexander "Alex" Vincent is an integral member of Artistree’s design team. Alex contributes immeasurably with his diverse background which spans permaculture, architecture, landscape, and graphic design. He approaches each project from a holistic perspective, improving our team’s capacity to make your vision into reality. He passionately believes in design as a tool for both empowerment and healing—healing of the individual, of the collective, and of the world. Alex prides himself on creating regenerative, life-sustaining and beautiful designs that weave the built environment into the natural landscape. In addition to obtaining a B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Alex has his Permaculture Design Certificate and has taught many permaculture design courses.

Head of Business Development

Amy Beilharz

Amy has worked in the eco-hospitality field for two decades and brings her years of experience to help clients create successful sites that meet market demands and are easy to operate. Her understanding of the marketplace regularly brings fresh ideas to site design, business feasibility, and operating assumptions that ensure a project meets its highest potential.

Apprentice Carpenter

Kenny Myers

As an apprentice for Artistree since 2020, Kenny values honing his carpentry skills while immersing himself in the picturesque nature surrounding each worksite. With interests in traditional Japanese woodworking and treehouse building, Kenny enjoys overcoming challenges while working with wood and creating tranquil spaces for fellow nature lovers.

Project Foreman

Nick Earley

Nick Earley wants to help people get outside, get inspired, and get connected to our beautiful forests. He built his first treehouse in the redwoods in 2003 and hasn't stopped exploring, living, and creating in the canopy since. Nick brings a wealth of experience to the Artistree Team, with a diverse set of skills gained through years of biological study, outdoor education, and canopy tour design and construction. As a licensed and certified arborist, Nick is often the first one onsite assessing the trees, gathering data, and making preliminary designs. As an adept team leader capable of bringing complex, creative designs to fruition, Nick is also frequently the last one on site putting the final touches on the project.

Executive Assistant

Chandra Cox

Chandra is a dedicated Executive Assistant with years of experience supporting C-suite executives. Her background in project management and compliance have quickly proven to be an asset to our organization and she is an integral part of our team’s success. Chandra’s passion for human activities that support nature’s laws makes her a perfect fit for our environmentally progressive company. Her skills in office and operational management smooths the way for our executive and creative teams to focus on our mission to design and build structures that enhance people’s experience of the natural world.