Uplift and Inspire.

Reconnecting Humans to Nature.

While a big piece of our job is hammering nails and hauling lumber, our driving desire is to honor and co-create with Nature. We achieve this in each project by following four fundamental principles:


Learn from nature

Biomimicry is the practice of building efficient and effective spaces that emulate the natural world; it goes beyond ‘green design’ and looks to Nature as a mentor, effectively bridging the gap between sustainability and experience. Like emulating the shape of a leaf to allow for effortless water drainage, when you build from the earth, you build in harmony with the planet.


Cultivate a sense of place

Through immersion design—which utilizes and becomes inspired by what is already present—we are able to build places that feel part of something larger than the structures themselves. Each of our designs is composed with careful thought to the local biology and history of the landscape; we study regional cultures, land topography, existing flora and fauna before drafting our designs. By observing the land in this way, we are able to build with it rather than fight against it, and in doing so, we find that our projects contain a true sense of place.

Living Structures

Build with space to breathe

A 'Living Structure' is a building that can move and grow with its foundation, whether that be a tree or on the ground. By integrating each design with its unique surroundings, our projects are able to adapt to the natural growth, movement, and changes of Nature. This mentality helps us build for longevity and with minimal environmental impact.


Get what we give

Whether it is our use of renewable energy, our commitment to sourcing sustainable materials, or our practice of upcycling, Artistree Home adopts a regenerative and reciprocal attitude in all aspects of our work. Regenerative through our intention to leave the world better for all life and Reciprocal through our belief in the symbiosis of all things. In holding these principles at the core of our work, we are able to create spaces that feel both effortless and relaxing in truly innovative and sustainable ways.

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